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Jim Colton Product Design Engineer CREO SolidWorks Seattle


Needless to say, all IP created during the design process becomes the property of the client, as spelled out in the Design Services Agreement.  I am happy to assist in the Patent application process by creating supporting drawings and documentation.


This is the patent for a device to enable sliding ground contact under a computer motherboard.

The device allowed Compaq Computer greater design flexibility for high-volume production during the time that system boards were all one-off designs.


This invention generated two patents for HP Development and  It involved both a physical and a software-based means of guaranteeing the precise moment that an online transaction took place.  The physical part consisted of a PCB that was housed between two pieces of glass.  The glass was etched with a hologram, and the empty space was filled with a separation-sensitive epoxy.  The end result was that any attempt to tamper with the electronics would be immediately detectable.

Jim Colton Product Design Engineer CREO SolidWorks Seattle

Together these two patents protected critical technology for transaction processing.

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