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Ideas come to life in the right hands.

When you get to that point where something is sketched on the whiteboard and we have an idea of what that thing might look like, CAD tools help make it real.

Expert in using curves and surfaces to describe mechanical and organic shapes.

Efficient use of skeleton parts to capture outside surfaces and key internal features and functions.

Successful progression from idea to real parts comes with the effective use of tools like draft checking. 

I cut lots of cross sections.  Sections enable you to quickly see the details of critical features like snap fits and minimal clearance areas.

Interference checking helps monitor static and dynamic part clearances as a design moves toward production.

Casting Inspection Control Drawings: Fully Dimensioned Prints


If a product will be in high-volume production with multiple sets of tools and multiple manufacturing sites, documentation becomes critical.  CAD tools provide the means to accurately and efficiently describe individual parts and assemblies so that parts come in and go together as expected, every time.


This client’s standard for documentation includes full dimensioning and true-position tolerancing of critical features in the as-cast, as-machined, and as-assembled conditions.

​All dimensions are driven by the Pro/E models, and Windchill is used for all revision level control.

​The new parts are fit-form-function compatible with existing parts for field service, so all critical interfaces needed to be maintained.

Specialist in the design of individual parts and complex assemblies using Creo Pro/ENGINEER and SOLIDWORKS.

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