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This is a hand-held tonometer, a device used to measure pressure in the eye.  We had responsibility for this project from the industrial design stage to production. My role was to take the rough surface model of the exterior, turn it into a functional skeleton part, manage internal packaging, and then develop the production parts that make up the final enclosure.  Design details included good gap management with minimal use of fasteners, an overmolded handle/battery door, shock mounting of the optical assembly, and split molded threads for the eyepiece.

Medicine Applicator


This open assembly is a consumer-useable medicine applicator that fits on the index finger.  I took the rough appearance model, generated the surfaces for a skeleton part, and created the models and documentation for all of the molded parts. Interesting design features include assembly with a single fastener, good gap management, and both a flexure and a light pipe.  The pink part was gold-plated and insert molded to conduct current.  The form-factor was designed to accommodate finger shapes from the 95th percentile male to the 5th %-ile female.

Pacemaker Programmer Housing


This was a manufacturing challenge - if the handle could be made with gas-assist injection molding, the housing assembly could be far more cost-efective to produce.

Hospital Bed Interface

Human factors considerations drove decisions around molding and assembly.  In the end, a combination of technologies lead to a cost-effective solution that passed all of the rigorous safety and FDA tests.

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