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Beach Bag


This product is designed for the extreme high end of the handbag market.  It includes a sliding "garage door" closure, space for a water bottle in the open end, and a vented elastomer bottom that will be stable on soft surfaces and let sand grains fall out as you walk back to the car!

Audio Jukebox and PDA


A well-known jukebox maker moved into digital audio with a floor-standing audio player, and this was the PDA/remote that went with it.  I made the skeleton model of the exterior and used that to design the enclosure parts.  Interesting design features include simple-action tooling for all of the parts, an infra-red window, and a button tree with return-spring flexures.

In 2003 this product was a big deal!

The audio partner in the project was Klipsch, and there is a sub-woofer in the base.

All lighting is solid-state using molded light pipes.

Bus/Firetruck Rolling Toybox


For this project I made a model from existing parts to create new tooling, then went on to explore other design concepts for Lego Systems.  The Bus and Firetruck held Duplo blocks and functioned as rolling toy chests.

Infant Wash Tub


The challenge with this project was to accurately capture the design intent of the industrial design sculpture.  These parts were also designed for very high volume production, and had exacting standards for material choices.

Potty/Step Stool


These parts also started as an industrial design sculpture.  The final product was a successful balance of appearance, function, durability, and ease of assembly.

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