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Point of Sale Terminal


This is a POS terminal used in elementary school lunch service.  It needed to be robust, as well as water resistant.

Tooling choices were made to support optimal UMC at modest production volumes.

Point of Sale Terminal


Parts are self-fixturing during assembly.

Rack-Mount Server Assembly


This product features hot-swapable components, and intense EMI and thermal environmental conditions.

Remote Teaching Device


This is a product used to teach Braille to blind students.  It is revolutionary because it is quiet enough to be used in a classroom.

I designed the enclosure parts, keyboard assembly, and the PCB and cable harness.

Keyboard is waterproof - the keys use rare-earth magnets to actuate Hall-effect devices on the PCB.

The bottom door unlatches and swings open for access to the paper path.

All parts were designed to be cost-effective in medium-volume production (2-10k/yr).

Jukebox PDA


This project pushed the boundaries of digital home entertainment, and could easily have become an industry standard.  The handheld device was a terrific interface, and the overall product was stunning and produced great sound.

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